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Super new here!
I'm kinda sad that this place hasn't been updated in a while.
If you all don't mind, I would like to post up some artwork here and there when I get a chance!
I'd like to make some friends who support vexshipping as much as I do! xD So please live!




Wow... I can't believe I forgot to post these. I made these months ago. However, in an effort to breathe some life into the community, I shall post them now!

Just a handful of YGO icons. Mostly Bakura, with a couple of Anzu and Bakura/Anzu thrown in.


The rest can be found in my graphics journal. Click here.

Come on guys. I know I have no room to talk... but we really need some activity here. xD I'd like to remind everyone that you needn't post strictly B/A stuff here. Anything related to Bakura and Anzu (separately) is most welcome as well. ^_^


Fic: Vexshipping - First Season

This came to me after watching eps 28 "The Night Before", when Yami no Bakura appears again and steps in front of Anzu XD Has no one else noticed that he sticks rather close to her in the Duelest Kingdom arc? Or at least Ryou does... kekeke *stops fangirling*

Title: Easier
Pairing: Yami no Bakura/Mazaki Anzu
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1035
Summery: He didn't understand why she plagued him so...
Note: AUish, assumes Anzu had an ancient equivilent.

"Since when did he not do what was easier?"


It had to be done... icons from the Guardian of Shadows image I finished the other day, because...

...eh, is a reason necessary? X3 Success!

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New fanart :P

Hi all! I just finished some new vexation fanart! ToT

Work safe!

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Icons o.o;

I'm back, with the icons (though it took more time.. but I was busy with homework, fanfics, etc etc)

Anyways.. Here they are, some variants (I liked the outcome from the pic so I used it a couple of time o-o;)

Hope you like them xD;

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Neeeew *_*

Yooooooooo *_*;

I'm new! XD!

This pairing is my OTP from Yu-Gi-Oh *_* Though there isn't much love for this pairing then there should be! XD

So, I was thinking about making 20 icons for this pairing o.o;

But, I have a little problem...>_> I can't find any good Tea/Aznu pictures (I have a lot Bakura pics o.o) So I was wondering or someone had pictures from Tea for me, or links? (Fanart is also good o.o)

Uhm, if this isn't anything related to the pairing then mods delete this, sorry o.o;

I also have some proof, three of my icons + 150 x150 Bakura. >_>;

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So, if someone has links for me where I can find good Tea pictures, thank you ^_^;; I know I should post this at the Tea/Aznu community too, but I thought here would also be interesting enough o.o;

Thank you very much! =);



I have vexshipping images and avatars and I MUST SHARE THEM... because Bakura tells me to. T_T

I am putting the links behind a cut for you all. ;) Enjoy. Goodness knows, I enjoyed making them. x3

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...PS, I've got more on the way!


The Devil's Intent (PG-13)

Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh (Anime & Manga)
Pairing: Anzu Mazaki & Yami no Bakura
Word Count: 2,169
Warnings: Abuse, Forced Servitude
Summary: Yami Bakura has conquered the world, but Anzu's heart has proven to be another matter entirely.
Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh © Kazuki Takahashi • Shueisha / Toei Animation.

( One-Shot )