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Yami Bakura/Anzu

Vexshipping - Bakura/Anzu
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Dedicated to the pairing of Yami Bakura/Anzu from Yu-Gi-Oh.
Welcome to Vexshipping!

Yami BakuraAnzu

This is a community for those who are fans the Yami no Bakura/Anzu Mazaki (Téa Gardner) pairing, from Yu-Gi-Oh.

Please, if you are a fan, join us. :D If not, then go away. Go on, shoo!

So, you wanna join? Awesome! Before you do, however, just read the rules, and then you'll be set.

1. I am the moderator. cutiesaiyajin's the name. *bows* All questions, comments, complaints, or whatever should be directed towards me.

2. Let's keep this on topic. Only Bakura, Anzu, or Bakura/Anzu together stuff may be posted here. I am also tentatively going to allow Ryou/Anzu, and Bakura/Anzu/Ryou stuff as well. But please, don't randomly post a picture of, say, Jounouchi in his dog suit or something. xD; While I might indeed find that funny, there are other communities for things like that.

3. Is fanfiction allowed here? YES! I highly encourage the posting of fanfiction! We seriously need more fic for this pairing. ;) All I ask is that you please place all fanfictions behind an LJ-CUT.

Also, when posting fanfiction, plus give us a proper rating for the fic or chapter you are posting. Ratings include G, PG, PG-13, R, and NC-17. For a run-down of the ratings, CLICK HERE. (Yes, I know these are movie-ratings, but they'll work fine here.)

AMENDMENT to rule 3: I suppose it isn't required, but if you're posting fanfiction, you might want to consider posting this before the actual fanfic (i.e., placing it outside the lj-cut, so we can read it):

Title: Title of fic here, and/or the chapter number
Author: Obviously, your name goes here.
Rating: The rating of your fic goes here.
Summary: The summary of your fic. Or, if you want, a summary of the chapter you're posting.

4. On the topic of posting icons, pictures, etc: If you are posting more than three icons, please use an LJ-CUT. All large images must also be placed behind a cut (I'll let you use your own judgement).

5. ANYTHING ABOVE A PG-13 RATING MUST BE PLACED BEHIND AN LJ-CUT. This includes, you know, porn, boobs, or anything naughty. No exceptions. Some people may be accessing this community from work or school.

6. Fair play on the fairway. Be nice to others. Please, no insulting, abusing, maiming, or violently injuring of other users.

7. Have fun. :D


Vexshipping is Love
By: cutiesaiyajin